EJ Technology Consultants provides a wide range of high-level services in the fields of Computer Vision, Hardware Development, Embedded System Design, and more. Here are a few of our completed projects, selected to show off our unique skills.


We developed an automated visual inspection system for a factory assembly line to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality for mission-critical industrial electronics.


RAIN MAN 2.0 is a card counting AI that's designed to be the ultimate blackjack player! Created using machine learning and Python, RAIN MAN 2.0 can easily count its way through a deck of playing cards.

MaskCam utilizes NVIDIA’s TensorRT library to implement a high-speed vision pipeline that runs live camera frames through a YOLOv4-tiny model, trained to detect masked and unmasked faces. The optimized pipeline runs at 14FPS on the Jetson Nano.


We've had the opportunity to present on several computer vision topics at the Embedded Vision Summit and NVIDIA GTC conferences. We enjoy making complex topics more accessible through clear explanations and a touch of humor.

More Projects Coming Soon!