Increase the userbase for your software tool, library, or SDK by creating concise documentation and accessible tutorials.

Documentation Makes Your Product Accessible

Documentation is a user’s first impression of your product. If it’s too technical to understand or doesn’t provide a clear learning path, newcomers will immediately turn away and look for another tool to use.

If it uses simple, straightforward language and provides easy-to-follow tutorials, newcomers will quickly become your product’s biggest power users and evangelists.

Let us help increase the userbase for your product, tool, or library by writing clear, concise documentation and tutorials. Contact us to get started.

Documentation Services

At EJ Technology Consultants, we actually enjoy documentation. These are some of the services we offer:

  • Writing user-facing documentation explaining API methods, SDK usage, product functionality, or other technical details
  • Reviewing existing documentation and editing for clarity, precision, and grammar
  • Creating “Get Started” guides for new users

Our combination of knowledge, experience, and communication skills allows us to write or edit documentation that conveys important technical details while still being understandable and concise.

Tutorial Services

A good tutorial is worth ten thousand words. The best way to onboard new users is to provide well-structured tutorials that guide them through the basics. Here are examples of tutorials we can create to get users started with your product:

  • Write a simple Python application using your library, SDK, or API
  • Create a Juptyer Notebook showcasing your tool’s functionality and stepping users through examples
  • Utilze your ML framework to train a model, export it, and deploy it in a basic program
  • Videos showing how to use your software with the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other popular embedded devices

See some of the highly successful tutorials we’ve made in the Our Work section below.

Areas of Specialization

EJ Technology Consultants has strong knowledge in the areas of machine learning and computer vision. We specialize in writing usage guides, API descriptions, and tutorials for items like:

  • Machine learning APIs, frameworks, or runtimes
  • Machine learning tools for dataset management, data annotation, model deployment, etc.
  • Computer vision libraries and image processing frameworks
  • New functions or capabilities in existing computer vision or ML libraries
  • Software applications related to computer vision and machine learning

Our Work

These are examples of open-source documentation and tutorials we’ve created that are particularly popular on GitHub and YouTube.

GitHub Tutorial: Training Object Detection Models with TensorFlow

This tutorial shows how to train an object detection model with TensorFlow. Originally published in early 2018, it was one of the first TensorFlow tutorials to provide clear, step-by-step instructions walking users through the cumbersome process.

YouTube Video: Setting up TensorFlow Lite on the Raspberry Pi

TensorFlow Lite is intended for edge devices, but the documentation doesn’t explain how to install it on low-cost compute modules like the Raspberry Pi. We resolved this by creating a video that users can follow along with to install TFLite and run a basic object detection program. With over 700,000 views, it’s still one of the most popular TensorFlow Lite videos on YouTube today.

GitHub Tutorial: Converting and Deploying TensorFlow Lite Models

This repository provides various guides and resources for training, converting, and deploying TensorFlow Lite object detection models.

Great Docs = More Users

Clear documentation makes your product easier to use and grows your userbase. We’ll work with your team to create excellent documentation for your product, tool, or library. Contact us to learn more.