Embedded Hardware

Design custom hardware and electronics for your embedded product.

Hardware Design Services

EJ Technology Consultants specializes is computer vision and machine learning, but we have a powerful background in embedded hardware design. We excel at designing custom hardware for vision-capable devices that run AI at the edge. We also offer general hardware development services.

Need hardware designed for your product? We’ll design it at higher quality and lower cost than many other engineering firms. Contact us to start building exceptional hardware.

  Design Reviews

We offer design reviews for new or existing circuits and PCB layouts. The reviews can be as small as checking one discrete hardware block, or as large as going over all circuit boards in a product.

  • Check for errors in interface connections, control signals, logic levels, etc
  • Calculate component values and design parameters across tolerance and temperature to verify performance in corner cases
  • Identify possible electromagnetic compatibility issues (ground loops, trace coupling, EMI sources, vulnerability to transients)
  • Verify Design for Manufacture and Test principles have been applied correctly

  Hardware Design

We use rigurous methods to design hardware at a high level of quality and reliability. Our extensive background in digital, analog, and power allows us to design fully functional circuit boards for embedded devices.

  • Research and define hardware specifications to meet system or product requirements
  • Implement digital blocks including microprocessors, support circuitry, and interfaces to memory, ADCs, comms, etc.
  • Design analog input chains, including front-end conditioning, filter design, and ADC selection
  • Analyze power budget for hardware blocks, design mains and point-of-load power supplies to meet requirements
  • SPICE circuit simulation
  • Schematic capture and library creation for full circuit designs in Altium or KiCad
  • Perform EMC-hardened PCB layout in Altium or KiCad, or provide guidance and requirements to PCB layout engineers
  • Document hardware design, including design calculations, interface specifications, and functional descriptions

Hardware design requires a solid understanding of electronic components and their functions, as well as the ability to effectively communicate the design through the schematic.

  Hardware Test and Characterization

Once hardware is built, it must be tested and characterized to verify it meets functional requirements. We have hardware lab equipment and the hands-on expertise needed to carry out testing and measurement.

  • Define and execute functional tests for discrete circuit blocks to verify specifications are met
  • Run signal verification tests for high-speed digital interfaces including DDR3/4/5, USB 3, Ethernet, and PCIe
  • Design test fixtures for automated validation of manufacturing builds
  • Characterize power consumption and efficiency in differnet operating modes

Measuring power draw for a smart camera prototype with a 6.5 digit DMM.

  EMC Engineering and Regulatory Compliance

Meeting electromagnetic compatibility requirements is one of the most challenging aspects of hardware design. We have strong familiarity with FCC, IEEE, and IEC regulatory requirements and how to design EMC-hardened circuits.

  • Implement rigorous design techniques to pass IEEE and IEC electromagnetic compatibility tests such as ESD, conducted and radiated interference, and electrical surge
  • Resolve regulatory test failures: determine root causes, test possible fixes, and implement solutions
  • Research regulatory standards applicable to your product and write product test plans to obtain FCC and CE marks
  • Find and design in alternatives to environmentally restricted components. Get the lead out!

  Manufacturing and Production

  • Generate board file package for fabrication and assembly (Gerbers, assembly drawings, BOM, etc)
  • Manage supply chain and contract manufacturers
  • Work closely with manufacturing partners to support production builds and troubleshoot process failures
  • Prototyping services: Fabricate and assemble custom hardware prototypes in under two weeks at low cost

We assembled twenty custom IR LED fixtures for an inspection system prototype that uses IR lighting to illuminate objects of interest.

Develop Quality Hardware

High quality hardware is the foundation of any successful embedded device. Let us apply our extensive experience to design exceptional hardware for your product. Contact us to schedule a call and get started!