Expert guidance in machine learning and computer vision.


Machine Learning

Train and deploy deep learning models for image classification, object detection, instance segmentation, and more.

Computer Vision

Develop algorithms and techniques that enable computers to interpret and understand visual data from the world around them.

System Design

Research, evaluate, and select key components of your embedded vision system to optimize for performance and cost.


Build a cost-effective prototype that impresses stakeholders or evaluates feasibility of different solutions.

Embedded Hardware

Design custom hardware and electronics for your embedded product.


Increase the userbase for your software tool, library, or SDK by creating concise documentation and accessible tutorials.

Have a problem that can be solved with computer vision? Let us help.

We design vision-enabled products and provide expertise in every stage of deep learning model development.

Have a problem that can be solved with computer vision? Let us help.

Our Portfolio

Automated Assembly Inspection

EJTC developed an inspection system to identify process errors and defects on an assembly line.


RAIN MAN 2.0 is a card counting blackjack AI that uses deep learning to identify playing cards.

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